Shrines! Wines! And Interesting People!

We go! We draw caricatures!

Going places makes us happy! Drawing caricatures makes most other people happy!

“Shrines” are the folk art and rich culture to be found in the Palmetto State, often along the backroads.

“Wines” are those special, out-of-the-way places you sometimes discover when you’re least expecting it.

And “interesting people” … well, just look at some of the caricatures we’ve been drawing!

We use caricatures to connect curious visitors to the rich treasures in South Carolina.

Follow us as we blaze a “Caricature Trail” in search of shrines, wines, and interesting people in old, familiar Palmetto Places!

Building The Wall!

We put Chefs On The Wall Of their Restaurants ...

And you commission us to put your caricature right their beside them!

Imagine exploring small towns on the weekend in search of great food. And then finding cartoons of the chef and the most appreciative patrons of the restaurant too!

You never know whose caricature you might find there. You might even see a family member or a friend who has found your secret place too!


Caricature Nerd


Traveling "Food Ninja"

Our Caricatures inspire smiles

The Faces Behind The Smiles

we love them

what The Smiling Faces Are saying

Caricature Trail

A Wall of Smiling Faces in Memorable Palmetto Places ...

Serving Great Food in Small Towns All across South Carolina

Who knows … you might Even See the Governor Out There!