Sketchy Update

News Flash

DENMARK SC (CR News) — Rom Webster and the Red Barn Studio crew are still traveling the highways and byways of the Palmetto State, sketching and painting old buildings of note. Contrary to the rumors you might have heard, they have not been kidnapped by the Lizard Man nor chased away by the Pig Bears in the Bull Swamp.


Hi, folks.

We just wanted to share a quick update so that you know we’re still in business here at “Palmetto Places.” Yes, we’re sill here!

We have undertaken a very difficult drawing project. It’s an old corn mill / grist mill. There are lots of details to draw BUT — the biggest challenge is that the mill is no longer standing.

The Nitty Gritty

No! We’re not rebuilding it (HA), but we are researching old photos of nearby neighbors. And we think we’re getting close.

This project is very important to us personally. Several years ago (before he passed away), we had the privilege of sitting with Jim Harrison in his studio in Denmark SC. Most of you are probably familiar with his GREAT folk art, country-style paintings. He was world famous.

Anyway, during that conversation, Jim talked about this particular mill and said he had always wanted to paint it. Well, he never did get the opportunity.

To be sure, we cannot hold a candle to the wonderful, artistic work that Jim Harrison did in his lifetime. We are not in his league!!! But still, if this old building was important enough to have gotten his attention and for him to have talked with us about it, then we thought it would be important enough to take a shot at it ourselves.

And then we encountered the challenge — it is no longer standing.

So hang in there with us. We hope to have completed our version of this wonderful, old building soon.

In the meantime, if you’re running up and down the 321 (Hwy 321) and you get anywhere near Jim Harrison’s studio, stop by there please. It’s still in business, and they folks working there have a great collection of his prints available for sale. Many of them were signed by Jim in person! You won’t regret the time you spend in their looking at “The Master’s” incredible, country paintings!

Our Story

We’re still scooting up and down the backroads of the Palmetto State looking for interesting, old places to sketch and paint.

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it!


It’s cool to be in the Palmetto State (even if it is the middle of summer)!

See you soon — hopefully with a painting of the old grist mill.

Vivat Jesus!


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